Capuchin Saints

The Capuchin Friars in Mid-America honor St. Conrad of Parzham as their heavenly patron (read his biography). St. Conrad is just one of 115 Capuchin friars and nuns, from the 16th to the 20th century, who have been honored by the Church as Saints and Blesseds. This prompted the late Pope St. John Paul II to state, “They say you Capuchins are poor, but you are actually very, very rich. You have Saints.” It is no surprise that he noticed this, since he personally canonized 5 of the 15 Capuchin Saints and beatified 27 of the 100 Blesseds.

The latest saint to be canonized was St. Felix of Nicosia. He was one of the first five saints canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on 23 Oct. 2005. Benedict also beatified Blessed Jacques Haddad on 22 June 2008, Blessed Joseph Tous y Soler on 25 April 2010, and Blessed Leopold of Alpandeire on September 12, 2010.

Pope Francis, however, has already eclipsed the previous two popes combined. He has beatified 60 of the Order’s 100 Blesseds: Thomas of Olera on September 21, 2013; Andrew of Palazuelo and 32 companions on October 13, 2013, and Frederick of Berga and 25 companions on November 21, 2015. During this very year alone, 2017, he has approved miracles in the causes of Blessed Angelus of Acri, Ven. Arsenio of Trigolo, and Ven. Solanus Casey, and recognized the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Daniel of Samarata.

Below is an alphabetical listing of Capuchin saints and others whose causes for canonization are in progress.

St. Felix of Cantalice

Felix preached in the street, rebuked corrupt politicians and exhorted young men to stop leading dissolute lives. Felix was a good friend of St. Philip Neri and an acquaintance of Charles Borromeo. Felix developed a reputation as a healer. As he got older, his superior ordered him to wear sandals to protect his health.

St. Felix of Nicosia

Felix was devoted to Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. On Fridays he would contemplate the Passion and death of Jesus Christ. On Fridays during Lent, he fasted on bread and water. He had a particular veneration for the Blessed Sacrament, spending hours in front of the tabernacle, even after having endured the harsh trials of every day.

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen

A successful lawyer prior to his entrance into religious life, Fidelis spent much of his time as a friar preaching and teaching among the Calvanists, converting many to the Catholic faith. Incensed at his success in converting their brethren, he was martyred by the Calvanists on April 24, 1622.

St. Bernard of Corleone

Bernard had a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and encouraged others in this devotion. His biographers claim that Mary appeared to him and placed Jesus, as an infant, in his arms. It is also claimed that she gave him knowledge of the day of his death four months in advance. He died at Palermo on 12 January 1667.

St. Conrad of Parzham

Conrad loved silence in a special way. His spare moments during the day were spent in a nook near the door where it was possible for him to see and adore the Blessed Sacrament. It was generally believed that he never took any rest, but continually occupied himself in work and exercises of devotion.

St. Crispen of Viterbo

Crispen served as questor, soliciting alms for the community. So fond of him were the local people that they refused to deal with a replacement. He used to call himself the beast of burden of the Capuchins, and asked by a stranger why he went bare-headed, Crispin answered, that “an ass does not wear a hat.”

St. Francis Mary of Camporossa

In an epidemic of cholera in August 1866 Francis Mary gave his help to the victims of the plague but soon contracted the disease himself and died not too long after. The Genoese people called him, and continue to call him, “Padre Santo” due to his holiness. His remains rest in a chapel at the Immaculate Conception convent.

St. Ignatius of Laconi

Ignatius asked for admission at the Capuchin friary at Cagliari; the superiors initially hesitated because of his delicate health, but later accepted him. Despite his physical infirmities, his ardor allowed him to attend the spiritual exercises of the community and excel in perfection of his observance of the Rule of Saint Francis.

St. Ignatius of Santhia

Ignatius made it his mission to help penitents in the sacrament of Reconciliation and also devoted himself to the care of the ill. He gained a strong reputation for the humble and austere nature of his life in addition to the application of the Franciscan charism in his life which served as a model for thousands.

St. Joseph of Leonessa

As a friar Joseph was remarkable for his great abstinence. “Brother Ass”, he would say to his body, “there is no need to feed thee as a noble horse would be fed: thou must be content to be a poor ass.” In 1599, the year before the Jubilee year, he fasted the whole year by way of preparation for gaining the indulgence.

St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Pope Clement VIII assigned Lawrence the task of converting the Jews in the city. Beginning in 1599, Lawrence established Capuchin monasteries in modern Germany and Austria, furthering the Counter-Reformation and bringing many Protestants back to the Catholic faith. He is a Doctor of the Church.

St. Leopold Mandic

Leopold wanted to be a missionary in Eastern Europe, but spent almost all his adult life in Italy, living in Padua from 1906 until his death. He spent one year in an Italian prison during World War I, since he would not renounce his Croatian nationality. Leopold passed long hours in the confessional and was revered for his patience.

St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)

Born the son of peasant farmers in Pietrelcina in 1887, Padre Pio was an Italian priest who was known for his piety and charity as well as for the gift of the stigmata, which has never been explained. Pio spent long hours in the confessional and wrote letters to his spiritual children around the world.

St. Seraphim of Montegranaro

Seraphin was distinguished from the first by his unaffected simplicity, mortification, and obedience as well as charity which, towards the poor, knew no bounds. He had a special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to Our Lady. Seraphin was endowed with the gift of reading the secrets of hearts, and with that of miracles and prophecy

St. Veronica Giuliani

Veronica was born in 1660 and entered the Capuchin Poor Clares at Citttidi Castello, Umbria, in 1677. She remained there for the rest of her life and served as novice mistress for thirty-four years. A mystic, she was the recipient of the stigmata in 1697 and visions, the accounts of which are quite detailed.
Andrea of Palazuelo and 32 Companions, Blessed (mart. 1936) Alejandro de Sobradillo, Alejo de Terradillos, Ambrosio de Sanibarlez, Áde Cañete La Real, Arcángel de Valdavida, Aurelio de Ocejo, Berardo de Visantoña, Carlos de Alcubilla, Carmelo da Colono, Crispíno de Cueva Alta, Diego de Guadilla, Domitilo de Ayoó, Eloy de Orihurla, Eusebio de Saludes, Eustaquio de Villalquite, Fernando de Santiago, Gabriel de Aróstegui, Gil De Puerto de Santa Maria, Gregorio de la Mata, Honorio de Orihuela, Ignacio de Galdácano, Ildefonso de Armellada, J. Crisóstomo de Gata de Gorgos, José de Chauchina, José Maria d Manila, Luis de Valencina, Miguel de Grajal, Norberto Cembronos de Villalquite, Pacífico de Ronda, Primitivo de Villamizar, Ramiro de Sobradillo, Saturnino de Bilbao

Capuchin Blessed

  1. Angela Maria Astorch, Blessed (d. 1665) Capuchin Poor Clare – wikiipedia | | capdox (PDF)

  2. Angelus of Acri, Blessed (d. 1739) canonization expected in 2017]

  3. Anicet Koplin and 4 Companions, Blessed (mart. 1941-42)Fidelis Chojnacki, Florian Stepniak, Henry Krzysztofik, Symforian Ducki]

  4. Apollinaris of Posat, Blessed (mart. 1792)

  5. Arsenio Migliavacca of Trigola, Blessed (d. 1909)

  6. Aurelio of Vinalesa and 11 Companions, Blessed (mart. 1936) -Germano of Carcagente, Modesto of Albocacer, Enrique of Almazora, Ambrosio of Benaguacil, Pedro of Benisa, Juaquin of Albocacer, Bernardo of Lugar, Buenaventuro of Puzol, Fidel of Puzol, Santiago of Rafelbunol, Pacificus of Valenza]

  7. Benedict of Urbino, Blessed (d. 1625)

  8. Bernard of Offida, Blessed (d. 1694)

  9. Cassian of Nantes, Blessed (d. 1638)

  10. Didacus Joseph of Cadiz, Blessed (d. 1801)

  11. Florida Cevoli, Blessed (d. 1767) Capuchin Poor Clare

  12. Frederico of Berga and 25 Companions, Blessed (mart. 1936-37)Agustí Casas, Alexandre Gherna, Ángel Martí, Anselm Matas, Benigne Fornaguero, Bonaventura Diaz, Cebrià Ballvé, Doroteu Terragó, Eloi Plantalech, Eudld Vives, Félix Dellà, Jordi Senties, Josep Colomé, Marçal Santacana, Marti Casanova, Miguel Vergés, Modst Teixidó, Paciá Presas, Prudenci Ribera, Rafael Culla, Remigi Armengol, Sebastiá Romeu, Tarsici Saumell, Timoteu Girbau, Vincenç Marcé]

  13. Honorat Kozminski, Blessed (d. 1916)

  14. Hyacinth Andrew Longhin, Blessed & Bishop (d, 1936)

  15. Innocent of Berzo, Blessed (d. 1890)

  16. Jacques Haddad of Ghazir, Blessed (d. 1954)

  17. Jeremy of Valachia, Blessed (d. 1625)

  18. John Louis Loir and 2 Companions, Blessed (mart. 1794)Protase Bourdon & Sebastian Francois]

  19. Joseph Tous y Soler da Igualada, Blessed (d. 1871)

  20. Leopold of Alpandeire, Blessed (d. 1956)

  21. Maria Jesus Masia Ferragut and 4 Companions, Blessed (mart. 1936-37) Capuchin Poor ClareMaria Felicites Masia Ferragut, Maria Veronica Masia Ferragut,Milagros Ortells Gimeno, Isabel Calduch Rovira]

  22. Mark of Aviano, Blessed (d. 1699)

  23. Mary Magdalen Martinengo, Blessed (d. 1737) Capuchin Poor Clare

  24. Mieczyslawa Kowalski, Blessed (mart. 1941) Capuchin Poor Clare

  25. Nicholas Medda of Gesturi, Blessed (d. 1958)

  26. Thomas of Olera, Blessed (d.1631)

  27. Capuchin Servants of God

  28. Alberto Beretta (d. 2001), Servant of God brother of St. Gianna Beretta Molla]

  29. Alexander Labaca Ugarte, Servant of God (mart. 1987)

  30. Angelico Lipani, Servant of God (d. 1920)

  31. Ante Tomičič, Servant of God (d.1981)

  32. Antonio of Olivadi, Servant of God (d. 1720)

  33. Benedict of Beaucaire and 4 Companions, Servants of God (mart. 1790)Simeon of Sénilhac, Séraphim of Nimes, Fidèle of Annecy, Celestin of Nimes]

  34. Benet Bonnet of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and 2 Companions, Servants of God (mart. 1936)Domènec Canodell, Joseph Oriol Marti]

  35. Bonaventure Correti of Occimiano, Servant of God (d. 1772)

  36. Cecilio Maria Cortinovis da Costa Serina, Servant of God (d. 1984)

  37. Charles of Abbiategrasso, Servant of God (d. 1859)

  38. Cyril John Zorhabian, Servant of God & Bishop (d. 1972)

  39. Damian Sfascia, Servant of God (d. 1936)

  40. Damiano da Bozzano, Servant of God (d. 1997)

  41. Damiano Sfascia da Cingoli, Servant of God (d. 1936)

  42. Emidio Petracca, Servant of God (d.1978)

  43. Felix of Marola, Servant of God (d. 1787)

  44. Fortunato Bakolski, Servant of God (d. 1952)

  45. Francis of Licodia, Servant of God (d. 1682)

  46. Francesco Saverio Toppi, Servant of God & Bishop (d. 2007)

  47. Francisco Valdes Subercaseaux, Servant of God & Bishop (d. 1982)

  48. Giacomo of Balduin, Servant of God (d. 1948)

  49. Gianfranco Maria Chiti, Servant of God (d. 2004)

  50. Giovanni Pietri of Sesto S. Giovannia, Servant of God (d. 1913)

  51. Girolamo da Cammarata, Servant of God (d. 1627)

  52. Giuseppi Bocci of S. Elpidio, Servant of God (d. 1974)

  53. Guglielmo Gattiani, Servant of God (d. 1999)

  54. Guillermo Carlos Hartl de Laufer, Servant of God and Bishop (d. 1977)

  55. Guido Maria of Lugliano, Servant of God (d. 1763)

  56. Ignatius of Monzon, Servant of God (d.1613)

  57. Innocent of Caltagirone, Servant of God (d. 1655)

  58. Joseph of Carabantes, Servant of God (d. 1694)

  59. Joseph of Palermo, Servant of God (d.1886)

  60. Leonard Melko, Servant of God (mart. 1915)

  61. Louis of Mazzarino, Servant of God (d. 1764)

  62. Ludovico da Pietradefusi Acernese, Servant of God (d. 1916)

  63. Marcellino of Capradosso, Servant of God (d. 1909)’

  64. Maria Clara de San Francesco Küfstein, Servant of God (d.1933) Capuchin Poor Clare

  65. Maria Consolata Betrone, Servant of God (d. 1946) Capuchin Poor Clare

  66. Maria Francesca Ticchi, Servant of God(d. 1922) Capuchin Poor Clare

  67. Marie Antoine Clergue de Lavaur, Servant of God (d. 1907)

  68. Mary of the Sacred Heart Łempicha, Servant of God (d. 1918), Poor Clare

  69. Matthew of Agnone, Servant of God (d. 1616)

  70. Peter of S. Petro Clarenza, Servant of God (b. 1939)

  71. Raffaele Spollanzani, Servant of Agod (d. 1972)

  72. Raphael of Sant’Elia a Pianisi, Servant of God (d. 1901)

  73. Romano Coutty of S. Claudio, Servant of God (d. 1979)

  74. Salvatore Pinzetta, Servant of God (1972)

  75. Serafin Kaszuba, Servant of God (d. 1977)

  76. Stephen Eckert of Dublin, Servant of God (d. 1923)

  77. Theophane Koodalloor, Servant of God (d. 1968)

  78. Thomas of San Donato, Servant of God (d. 1648)

  79. Tommaso Georgi Salech, Servant of God (mart. 1917)

  80. Umile of Genoa, Servant of God (d. 1969)

  81. Vitale Maria Gonçalves de Oliveira, Servant of God & Bishop (d. 1878)

  82. Aloysius Amigo y Ferrer, Venerable & Bishop (d. 1934)

  83. Anastasius Hartmann, Venerable & Bishop (d. 1866)

  84. Andrea de Burgio, Venerable (d. 1772)

  85. Angela Margarita Serafina Prat , Venerable (d. 1608) Capuchin Poor Clare

  86. Angelico of None, Venerable (d. 1953)

  87. Arsenio of Trigolo, Venerable (d. 1909) beatification expected in 2017]

  88. Bonaventure Barberini, Venerable & Archbishop (d. 1743)

  89. Daniel Coppini of Torricella, Venerable (d. 1945)

  90. Daniel Rossini of Samarate, Venerable (1929)

  91. Francesco Simon y Rodenas, Venerable & Bishop (d. 1914)

  92. Francis of Lagonegro, Venerable (d. 1804)

  93. Francis Passeri of Bergamo, Venerable (d. 1625)

  94. George of Austria, Venerable (d. 1762)

  95. Gesualdo of Reggio Calabria, Venerable (d. 1803)

  96. Gioacchino of Canicatti, Venerable (d. 1905)

  97. Honorat of Paris, Venerable (d. 1624)

  98. Lawrence of Zibello, Venerable (d. 1781)

  99. Mary Costanza Panas, Venerable, (d. 1963) Capuchin Poor Clare

  100. Maria Diomira del Verbo Incarnato, Venerable (d. 1768), Poor Clare

  101. Maria Lorenzo Longa, Venerable (d. 1542), Capuchin Poor Clare foundress

  102. Maria Magdalena del SS. Crocifisso Alesci, Venerable. Poor Clare

  103. Mariano Roasenda of Turino, Venerable (d. 1972)

  104. Nicholas Molinari of Lagonegro, Venerable & Bishop (d. 1792)

  105. Raffaella Maria Coppola, Venerable (d. 1922) Capuchin Poor Clare

  106. Raniero of Borgo Sam Sepolcro, Venerable (d. 1589)

  107. Seraphim Riminucci of Pietrarubbia, Venerable (d. 1960)

  108. Solanus Casey, Venerable (d. 1957)

  109. Stephen of Adoain, Venerable (d. 1880)

  110. Victrizius Weiss of Eggenfelden, Venerable (d. 1924)

  111. William Massaia, Venerable, Bishop & Cardinal (d. 1889)

  112. Saints & Blesseds with Special Capuchin Connections

  113. Francis de Sales, Saint (d. 1622) – Capuchin affiliate

  114. Jane Frances Fremoit de Chantal, Saint (d. 1646) – Capuchin affiliate

  115. Mary Angela Truszkowska, Blessed (d. 1899) – protege of Blessed Honorat Kozminski & foundress of Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice

  116. Maria Ana Mozas Fontcuberta, Blessed (d. 1886) – foundress, Capuchin Franciscan Sisters of the Divine Shepherd

  117. Maria Francesca of Jesus, Blessed (d. 1904) – foundress, Capuchin Sisters of Third Order of Loano

  118. Maria Victoria Quintana Argos and 2 Companions, Blessed (mart. 1936) – Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family Maria Fenollosa Alcaina, Manuela Fernandez Ibero

  119. Mary of Jesus Santocanale, Blessed (d. 1923) – Capuchin Sister of the Immaculate Conception of Lourdes

  120. Vicente Cabanes Badenas and 18 companions, Blessed (mart. 1936) – Capuchin Tertiary Religious of Our Lady of Sorrows Jose Arahal de Miguel, Salvador Chulla Farrandis, Manuel Ferrer Jorda, Crescencio Garcia Pobo, Vicente Gay Zarzo, Urban Gil Saez, Agustin Hurtadi Soler, Vicente Jaunzaras Gomez, Salvador Ferrer Cardet, Manuel Legura Marti, Justo Leram Marunez, Jose Maria Llopez, Jose Llosa Balaguer, Pablo Martinez Robles, Florentin Perez Romero, Jose Maria Monpo, Francisco Tomas Serer, Timoteo Valero Perez