Birth of Channel

Frdosscap is a private YouTube channel. It is organized by Fr. A. Arockia Doss ofm cap. It is a Catholic media private YouTube channel, which consists of Catholic Sermons, Songs, Short Films and Documentaries. The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary are being taken to each and every individual all throughout the Tamil Nadu and the world at large.
frdosscap Channel is a beacon of faith communication to one and all of Tamil speaking people. We are a lively and vibrant faith community that extends gracious hospitality to all. We value our Catholic traditions, our sense of rootedness, our community spirit, and our desire to be inclusive. We extend a warm welcome to all who wish to come and worship with us.

“frdosscap” is a private Website and YouTube Channel run by Rev. Fr. A. Arockia Doss, Capuchin Priest Tamil Nadu.
The word,
  • fr- stands for Father
  • doss- stands for the founder’s name
  • cap means Capuchin.
Yes, it is a private channel.
Yes, it is a catholic Media (Private) YouTube channel, which posts some of Catholic programmes for building up the faithful.
The idea of starting the YouTube channel was conceived by Rev. Fr. A. Arockia Doss, Preacher and Professor of Media, due to the demand from Catholic community.
frdosscap channel implies “The way, The Truth and the Life”.
During crisis, Trust in Lord Jesus Christ and move forward.
“frdosscap Channel” is solely owned by “frdosscap community” and managed by Rev Fr. A. Arockia Doss.
It is an independent organization based in Tamil Nadu, India.
It has trustees but does not have shareholders or owners.
Doss is one of the most-followed Catholics in the world on social media. His work has garnered:

frdosscap provides a rich variety of programming intended for each generation in a catholic family.
It provides
  • Catholic Teachings
  • Sunday Sermons
  • Biography of Saints
  • Catholic Video Dance Songs
  • Devotional Songs
  • Short Films
  • Documentaries.