Website Launch

The website “” online demo was launched on 08 of December 2017 on the feast of Amala Annai in honor of my sister A. Amala Hespi on her feast day. It was circulated to a few important persons in my life for the betterment of the site. The unexpected day of my website launch was on 25th of December 2017 on the day of Jesus Birth. As Jesus comes to the world as a child, my website too is born, as a new child for the world to bring Perfect Joy in human.

The new website was launched at K.M.Kottai, in a small village parish in Ramnad District on 25 December 2017 at 12.05 am midnight by Rev. Fr. Albin Judi OFM Cap., the Parish Priest of St. John the Evangelist Church. The website first, viewed by Mr. Chinna Anthony on elderly Person of the village and by Rev. Sr. Mary the Superior of St. John’s Convent.

Fr. Doss introduced the web pages and the importance of the site to the people with a great joy in his heart at midnight. It was well appreciated and welcomed by many people of the village. He also thanked all those who helped him to bring out a beautiful website to the world. A big thanks to the Lord for the incite of doing media ministry and to his father B. Arul Maria Dass who is in heaven and the family members of Fr. Doss who always Pray for my Priesthood and Ministry. He thanked Christy Mary who sponsored the website and her support. A Special thanks to Mr. Infant Rosariyo his friend who designed the website with an advanced features and pleasant look. He also remembered and thanked his province Amala Annai for the support and encouragement.

Therefore, this is your turn dear friends to make use of this website not for the information but to walk on the path towards the perfect joy… Come and See “”.